The Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists and the Hungarian Academy of Art in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts organizes an International Contemporary Tapestry Exhibition between 13 April and 16 July 2017. Any artist who formulates ideas in the language of woven tapestry may participate in the competition.

The Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists (MKE)
The purpose of this non-profit, public benefit organization is to promote and preserve the genre of woven tapestry. Since its foundation in 1996, it has been encompassing and representing the Hungarian tapestry artists who pursue and renew the traditional techniques of tapestry weaving and live in Hungary or beyond its borders. Their most important scope of activity is organizing individual and group exhibitions, programs, presenting the works of foreign artists and groups of artists,
the popularization of the work of Hungarian artists in Hungary and abroad and promoting the fundamental renewal of the genre.

Museum of Fine Arts
The millenary session of the Hungarian Parliament in 1896 passed a law whereby art collections previously held in different institutions were to be unified and placed in the newly-established Museum of Fine Arts.

Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA)
The Hungarian Academy of Arts is a public body committed to national tasks concerning
the arts – especially literature, music, fine art, applied art, design art, architecture, photography, film, performing art, folk art – as well as the analysis, support, education, national and
international presentation and spreading of the arts together with the representation of
Hungarian artists.
MMA members are artists with outstanding creative or intellectual accomplishments in the
Hungarian artistic field.
The main task of MMA is to facilitate the prevalence and protection of the values of
Hungarian and universal culture, the respect of the traditions of Hungarian arts and the birth of
new and significant artistic works.