Duties of the organizers:
1. | Professional, artistic organization of the exhibition
2. | Guarding and maintenance of the exhibition material during the time of the
3. | Storing and packaging of the works
4. | Providing insurance for the works for the duration of the exhibition
5. | Providing media reports for the exhibition.
The works on display can be photographed by the press during the time of the
6. | Organization of the inauguration of the exhibition and the following reception
7. | Publication of a representative catalogue for the exhibition. Artists participating in the
exhibition will receive a copy of the catalogue free of charge.

Duties of the artists:
1. | To send the selected works to the location of the exhibition at
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria
H-1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2.
between 15th and 31th of March 2017
in a safe, waterproof, reusable packaging.

2. | To indicate the value (a reasonable market value) of the exhibits on the Application
Form, for the purposes of providing insurance for the exhibits.

3. | Transportation and customs administrations of the works to the location of the exhibition and back, undertaking the costs of insurance for the duration of transportation. The organizers do not take responsibility for the damages during the time of transportation.

4. | Transportation of works back to their original location. From 14 days after the
closure of the exhibition, the costs of storage are to be paid by the artists.
The jury and the organizing committee of the exhibition are entitled to refuse giving right to participate in the exhibition, in case the original work is significantly different from the work in the photo documentation of the application.
The organizing committee of the exhibition will not deal with selling the works.
The organizing committee will inform participants about possible changes.